We’re focused on giving a high level of service with fast and reliable computer repairs and support, along with friendly customer support. It doesn’t matter if it is a laptop or desktop repair that you need, we can help.

Here’s a few of the reasons why you should check us out!

  • Free Quotes – Any jobs brought into our workshop we’ll give you a free quote before any repair work is done
  • Quality Repairs – Our techs are experienced professionals
  • Superior Customer Service – Not everyone is as technical as we are so we aim to explain everything in plain English
  • Quick Turnaround – We aim to have most computers turned around within 24-48 hours but where necessary we work with you to minimise any downtime

Most Popular Services

WOF (Warrant of Fastness)

A WOF (or Warrant of Fastness) is our term for speeding up your PC in terms of software. We run our specialized enterprise grade tools and antivirus software to clean up your PC to the highest possible standard and make sure there's nothing slowing down or harming your PC. We also do WOFs on tablets, phones, laptops, and more.

SSD Upgrades

If you still have a mechanical drive in your PC - it's time to upgrade to an SSD. 95% of the time a slow computer is due to an old mechanical HDD that is slowing down your PC. Luckily, we can help! We can get your computer into tip top shape and have it running as if it were brand new - or even better.

Phone Repairs

We repair iPhones, Samsung Galaxy Phones, Huawei Phones, and pretty much every other brand of phone at competitive daily prices - and most of the time we can do iPhone repairs in less than an hour! We provide fast, quality service on all our repairs and we can get your phone back up and running in no time.

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